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Barry Farber Calls for Electing ‘Solutionists’

June 1, 2014

In a tongue-in-cheek commentary, one of the earliest talk radio legends slammed ideological politics and called for electing “solutionists.”

Barry Farber in 1977 New York Mayor's race (Credit: Library of Congress)

Barry Farber in 1977 New York Mayor’s race (Credit: Library of Congress)

From WND:

After that magic moment, I changed my “registration” from “right-winger.” I’m now a “solutionist.” We did more, accomplished more and hated each other less when the nation cared less about who’s left and who’s right than about how to dig a Panama Canal after the French had failed. Some problems have difficult, or maybe no, solutions at all. But others are finger-snappingly simple, effective and eminently do-able!

Farber was a pioneer in conservative talk radio, was a mayoral candidate in New York and debated the Soviets in the 1980s.

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Talk Radio Pioneer Marks Another Mileston

May 1, 2014

This week, radio legend Barry Farber celebrated 30 years of his education group on The Language Club.

Barry Farber in 1977 New York Mayor's race (Credit: Library of Congress)

Barry Farber in 1977 New York Mayor’s race (Credit: Library of Congress)

Farber was interviewed for The Right Frequency and is featured in Chapter 4 “Game Changers.” He spoke about his knowledge of 26 language with great modesty:

Farber remains a longtime staple in the New York market and a national voice. He is widely reported to know 26 languages. But the North Carolina native who kept a slight southern accent even he reached big city radio, is quite modest about his knowledge of languages.

“When I entered the Army, I took tests in 14 languages and I qualified as an interpreter and that’s how I spent my time in the Army, translating,” Farber said in an interview for this book. “I am a student of as many as 26 languages. Some I know very, very well. Some I know only greetings, and some I can simultaneous translation in. But it would be wrong to give the impression that I’m fluent in 26 languages. I’ve done broadcast and speeches. I’ve done speeches in Hungarian, Norwegian, Spanish, and I participated in Spanish broadcast and in French, but not extensively.”

For more information about Barry Farber read The Right Frequency


Radio Icon Bob Grant’s Most Memorable Moment

January 3, 2014

Bob Grant, the one-time king of the airwaves in New York, died on Jan. 1, 2014. Grant was interviewed in The Right Frequency, where he stated his most memorable moment came not out of New York, but in California.

(The following is an excerpt from The Right Frequency.)

Before Bob Grant became a real celebrity out of New York, the producer of his Los Angeles program on KABC got a call from public relations firm that wanted to book Ronald Reagan as a guest.

“My producer, a nice young fellow from Inglewood, N.J. as a matter of fact, he said, ‘Bob doesn’t do show business stuff. We’re dealing mostly with politics and current events,’” Grant recalled.

The PR guy asserted, “Maybe you don’t know, but Ronald Reagan is not going to talk about his latest movie. He doesn’t make moves any more. He’s running for governor.’ When my producer told me I said get him, by all means. Get Ronald Reagan. I was already a fan of Reagan. I had heard several of his speeches or read them.”

“So Reagan was booked and it turned out to be his first radio interview as a gubernatorial candidate. I kept him for two hours. He was only supposed to be on for one,” Grant said.

Grant said Reagan, seeking his first political office, fumbled on more than a few questions, but Grant, being a fan, covered for him.

“We even had a woman call from Pasadena and say ‘You two ought to change places.’ She wanted to vote for Governor [Edmund G.] Brown,” Grant said. “She didn’t like the fact that I was helping Ronald Reagan. When she said, ‘You two guys ought to change places,’ Ronald Reagan, such a wonderful human being, says, ‘You know, you might have a good point there.’ That in retrospect has turned out to be my most memorable interview.”

That is saying something for a man who has been on the radio for six decades.
More than two decades later, another California radio announcer would travel to New York to be on the same station as Grant.

When an upstart Rush Limbaugh left Sacramento to come to WABC in New York, the excitement of the move was soon blunted when seemingly none of his callers wanted to talk about what Rush was talking about.

“I wasn’t just going to do a national show. I had to do a local show for two hours a day on WABC as well, because they weren’t going to carry the national show at first,” Limbaugh explained. “And, folks, I can’t tell you how dispirited I got the first month.
Here I am doing my show, and I’m doing my thing, and every phone call I got wanted to talk about what Bob Grant had said the day before. I’m on from ten a.m. to noon, and I’m sitting there saying, ‘Are you people not listening to me?’”

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Top 10 Again! Right Frequency Climbs Amazon List

September 7, 2013

The Right Frequency on Friday hit the #6 spot on Amazon’s History & Criticism category.

The book was also #25 in the overall radio category.

This makes four consecutive months that The Right Frequency has been on an Amazon bestseller list.

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One Year After Release, The Right Frequency a Bestselling Radio Book

September 1, 2013

One year after its release, The Right Frequency stands strong on Amazon.

The Right Frequency, released in August 2012, reached the Top 20 over the past week on Amazon’s Radio History & Criticism category for Kindle books. This book reached the top 10 on Friday, Aug. 30. The Right Frequency also returned to the bestseller list in Amazon’s Radio category.

The Right Frequency paperback edition also returned to the bestseller list for Amazon’s History & Criticism category.

The book, that chronicles the history of talk radio from the days of Walter Winchell through Rush Limbaugh, has been an Amazon bestseller for four consecutive months.

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Boston Globe post on National Radio Day

August 20, 2013

The Right Frequency was featured on The Boston Globe’s website in a posting about National Radio Day, Aug. 20.

Of the day, the article said, “[O]ne trend that appears obvious is the shift to talk radio away from music radio due to the demand for music being satisfied by iPods, YouTube and a variety of electronic factors.”

“And when it comes to talk radio, one of the very few experts on the subject, Fred Lucas, author of ‘The Right Frequency,’ a history of the remarkable influence talk radio has had on Conservative politics in the United States, is well aware of the trend.”

“Radio is becoming more widely used than ever before,” Lucas said. “There are more portals through radio, and I mean talk radio, flows today than ever before. When one considers the portable electronic devices in use today, the numbers are staggering. Talk radio influence appears to be never ending.”

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Radio Surived and Thrives Through Media Revolutions

August 18, 2013

Silobreaker, a publication on technology, carried a recent posting on The Right Frequency.

The article said, “The book explains how radio not only survived but thrived despite various media revolutions over the past 90s years. It also details milestones in the radio era such as the Payola Scandal of the early 1960s and the end of the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine in the late 1980s, both of which contributed in its own way to the proliferation of talk radio.”

The piece was posted just days before National Radio Day on Tuesday, Aug. 20.

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