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RedState Reviews The Right Frequency

June 27, 2014

The popular blog praised The Right Frequency as “an excellent book” that is “absolutely well worth buying.”

THE RIGHT FREQUENCY CoverWhile stating some critques, the review, Jake Howard, gave it a ranking of 4 out of 5.

As of Thursday, it remains the book is #1 Bestselling book on Amazon’s listing for Radio History.

From RedState:

Fred Lucas has written an excellent book. He has researched his topic thoroughly, and it shows when you look at the bibliography. He relies extensively on primary sources to build his narrative, so you are getting to hear what the major players actually said, not some third-party account written some time after the fact. There is much to learn in this book for everyone, and I feel comfortable saying that I feel much more educated on the subject now than I did before reading the book. While some might criticize it for not being a “scholarly” history in its general, Lucas is not writing to please a small Ivory Tower clique. He is writing for the general public, and he does this job well. He writes about a subject conservatives need to know about, and he does it in a very readable and accessible way. This is no mean feat for a work of history. …

In all, this is a book that belongs on the shelf of any conservative who wants to learn about the history of talk radio, and the lessons here can easily be applied to our own time and the future. Lucas takes a subject that has not been studied much before at this length, and he chronicles it in a way that almost anyone can follow. His writing style is exciting to read, and he maintains its consistently good quality throughout the book. Whatever my criticisms of this book are, they are dwarfed by my praise for it. It is a work that is absolutely worth buying, and it has not been a consistent top seller in books on radio on for nothing.

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#1 Bestselling Radio Book in America: The Right Frequency

June 15, 2014

As of June 14, The Right Frequency is once again the #1 bestselling Radio book in America based on Amazon’s ratings, a distinction it hasn’t held since 2013.

THE RIGHT FREQUENCY CoverThe book also returned to the top 10 bestsellers for Amazon’s Public Affairs and Administration books and in the top 20 for Media Studies.

In each of these categories – that cover 100 books each — The Right Frequency is beating books by Wendy Williams, a book about National Public Radio and a book on Rush Limbaugh, and books by Jesse Ventura and Michelle Malkin.

The Top 10 for Radio Books are:

1. The Right Frequency by Fred V. Lucas

2. Attempting Norman by Marc Moran

3. Laughs, Luck and Lucy by Jesse Openheimer

4. Attempting Norman (Enhanced Edition) by Marc Moran

5. How to Start and Build a Six Figure Voice Over Business by Bill DeWees

6. Wendy’s Got the Heat by Wendy Williams

7. I Love the Illusionby Charles Tranberg

8. All I Did Was Ask by Terry Gross

9.Fibber McGee & Molly on the Air by Clair Schulz

10. Records Truly is My Middle Name by John Records Landecker

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Right Frequency Hits 3 Bestseller Lists — Topping 1

June 14, 2014

The Right Frequency is once again the #1 Best Selling book in Amazon’s category for Radio History & Criticism, as of June 13. It ranks #2 among overall books in the Amazon category for Radio books.

THE RIGHT FREQUENCY CoverThat outranks two books by Wendy Williams, a book about National Public Radio and a book on Rush Limbaugh.

The book ranked #24 in Public Affairs & Administration, where it beats out Bill Clinton’s book, “Back to Work” among others.

It also ranks #27 in Amazon’s category for Media Studies, where it is beating out books by former pro wrestler-turned politician Jesse Ventura and well known conservative pundit Michelle Malkin.

The climb comes the same week talk radio made news for its influence in swaying voters to oust House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a Republican primary in Virginia, which had political tremors nationally.

More readers are finding out why Mark Levin said, “Anyone who loves talk radio will love this book.”

Dick Morris said, “Talk radio destroyed the liberal media monopoly and gave the conservatives a voice. But precisely because it brought the giants low, the publishing industry has ignored its history. Fred Lucas now fills that void, explaining from where it came and where it might be headed.”

Brent Bozell wrote, “”Author Fred Lucas chronicles conservative talk-radio stars over the decades, reminding us how they kept the American idea alive.”

To learn about the history and influence of talk radio going back to the earliest days of the medium — from Walter Winchell to Limbaugh — read The Right Frequency.

Boston Globe post on National Radio Day

August 20, 2013

The Right Frequency was featured on The Boston Globe’s website in a posting about National Radio Day, Aug. 20.

Of the day, the article said, “[O]ne trend that appears obvious is the shift to talk radio away from music radio due to the demand for music being satisfied by iPods, YouTube and a variety of electronic factors.”

“And when it comes to talk radio, one of the very few experts on the subject, Fred Lucas, author of ‘The Right Frequency,’ a history of the remarkable influence talk radio has had on Conservative politics in the United States, is well aware of the trend.”

“Radio is becoming more widely used than ever before,” Lucas said. “There are more portals through radio, and I mean talk radio, flows today than ever before. When one considers the portable electronic devices in use today, the numbers are staggering. Talk radio influence appears to be never ending.”

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Radio Surived and Thrives Through Media Revolutions

August 18, 2013

Silobreaker, a publication on technology, carried a recent posting on The Right Frequency.

The article said, “The book explains how radio not only survived but thrived despite various media revolutions over the past 90s years. It also details milestones in the radio era such as the Payola Scandal of the early 1960s and the end of the FCC’s Fairness Doctrine in the late 1980s, both of which contributed in its own way to the proliferation of talk radio.”

The piece was posted just days before National Radio Day on Tuesday, Aug. 20.

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‘Powered by the Widening Scandals’

May 26, 2013

One News Page reported on The Right Frequency’s rise to #1 in two separate Amazon categories.

“Standing alone at Number One above such classics as the audio of the award winning Les Miserables, it is at the very pinnacle in the Radio category where it also beats book by and about media celebrities Rush Limbaugh, Larry King and Wendy Williams,” One News Page reports.

“Powered by the widening scandals with Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Service, interest in public commentary has turned attention to The Right Frequency pushing it far beyond such books as former President Bill Clinton’s Back to Work to the Number One spot the Public Affairs category,” the website said.

Click here to read the One News Page article.

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GOP Historian: The Right Frequency ‘An Excellent Book’

May 26, 2013

Republican party historian Michael Zak recently hailed The Right Frequency as “an excellent book,” on his website, Grand Old Partisan.

“From pioneers such as Walter Winchell to Rush Limbaugh and beyond — they’re all RIGHT here,” Zak writes.

Zak, is the author of Back to Basics for the Republican Party, that chronicles the GOP’s heritage of free people and free markets from President Lincoln through President Reagan and beyond.

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