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Operation Chaos Mastermind Stirring up Obama, Hillary Camps Again

March 22, 2015

The Right Frequency details how in 2008, Rush Limbaugh called on his conservative listeners to vote in Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton – at a point when it appeared evident she would lose to eventual nominee Barack Obama. The reason, Limbaugh said, was to keep the primary battle going on for as long as possible.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Rush has recently sought to stir up more heat between the two camps. He suggested that it was the Obama White House that was responsible for leaks to the New York Times about the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

“Maybe he’s worried that Hillary would do a better job that he’s done and wouldn’t want to have the next Democrat president end up looking better than he does,” Limbaugh said. “I think that’s entirely possible.”

To learn more about how Limbaugh interjected himself into the 2008 Democratic primary, read The Right Frequency.


What Bill O’Reilly Thinks of the ‘Talk Radio Guys’ Now

June 28, 2014

Bill O’Reilly, the nation’s top rated cable news host for more than a decade, definitely leans right. But he often tries to project himself as nevertheless above the partisan fray. He’s often critical of conservative talk radio.

Bill O'Reilly and Rep. Sam Johnson (

Bill O’Reilly and Rep. Sam Johnson (

That’s why it was a little surprising this week when O’Reilly said talk radio was right.

From the O’Reilly Factor Talking Points Memo:

But the professional criticisms are turning out to be somewhat valid. A new CBS News/”New York Times” poll usually very generous to the president shows his administration has collapsed in the court of public opinion. Independents have joined conservatives in believing the president is not doing a good job.

The basic problem is competency. And you may remember that the radio guys pointed out that Barack Obama had little experience running anything. That he was basically a community organizer and theoretician. Well, if you examine the facts, without emotion, that seems to be accurate.

Mr. Obama’s management skill and problem-solving ability are dubious. Let me back it up with a vivid example. President Obama was quite clear, quite clear, that if elected president, he would reform the Veterans Affairs Department.  … So, what happened to that pledge? Well, the V.A. is now a scandal. There are allegations that more than 1,000 American vets have actually died because they could not access proper care. The V.A. admits that more than 120,000 vets waited far too long for doctors so see them. In addition, the Feds have paid out $845 million to settle V.A. malpractice suits.

So, to be fair, it looks like the conservative radio talk show hosts were correct in their assessment of Barack Obama’s ability to run the country.

The “talk radio guys” were quite tough on Obama from the beginning of his administration. Rush Limbaugh notably said, “I hope he fails.”

To learn more about the battle between Obama and talk radio, read Chapter 12 “Obama, Tea and Talk” of The Right Frequency.


Rush and Obama Agree on Something

June 1, 2014

Rush Limbaugh is a huge NFL fan, and has not been happy with the criticism of the game over head injuries.

ObamaThis week, the White House held a conference about brain injuries suffered in youth sports. President Barack Obama opened the forum talking about the days when he played football as a young man.

“When I was young and played football briefly,” said the president, better known for playing high school basketball in Hawaii. He said he recalled a “ringing in my head” that he probably suffered a “mild concussion.” But because in those days, it’s something that high school athletes didn’t check out.

Limbaugh – the loudest critic of the president – found himself in agreement.

“He won’t get any argument here that he’s had some brain injury,” Limbaugh on his program Wednesday.

To learn more about Rush Limbaugh’s love of football, read Chapter 7 of The Right Frequency.

Salem Radio Network – Home of Bennett, Gallagher, Medved and Hewitt — is ‘100% Carbon Neutral’

May 11, 2014

The Salem Radio Network responded to the White House National Climate Assessment released last week by saying that its program was 100 percent carbon neutral, a way of mocking some of the hysteria promoted in the Obama administration that predicted massive floods, massive droughts, disease and other problems around the corner if drastic action is not taken.


From The Washington Times:

Tom Tradup, the station’s vice president of news and talk programming, said listening to carbon-neutral radio programming “may be the most important step Americans can take if they believe in the White House’s dire predictions.”

“We have determined, through an independent source, that SRN programming (including our talk shows and 24/7 newscasts) is, in fact, 100% carbon neutral and will not increase the carbon footprint of either radio stations carrying our programming or listeners who enjoy it,” Mr. Tradup said. “Essentially, listening to SRN creates a neutral or zero impact on the environment , in total compliance with White House guidelines.”

Salem has a stable of top talk radio talent Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt.

To learn more about these radio personalities and others, read The Right Frequency.

Limbaugh: Obama Makes U.S. Seem Powerless in Boko Haram Kidnapping

May 11, 2014

First Lady Michelle Obama delivered the White House weekend address about the more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian school girls by the terrorist Boko Haram.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

But this past week, Rush Limbaugh ripped the administration for its failure to do anything meaningful on the matter.

“The most powerful man in the world looks impotent and pathetic and then so does this country when the twitter hashtag becomes the instrument here,” Limbaugh said.

He added, “It’s unbelievable…what message does this send?” he said. “Is the United States really this powerless? And then if you answer yes, we are really this powerless, then isn’t Obama to blame?”

Limbaugh typically is critical of the Obama administration, so much so that the White House once developed a strategy to target Limbaugh as the “leader of the Republican party,” as detailed in The Right Frequency.

For more information about the Limbaugh vs. Obama rivalry, read The Right Frequency.

Medved Yawns at ‘War on Women’ Relaunch

April 23, 2014

Talk radio host Michael Medved, profiled in Chapter 8 of The Right Frequency gave a big shrug to President Barack Obama’s attempt to invoke the “War on Women” rhetoric into the 2014 campaign because contrary to public opinion, Medved explains it wasn’t effective in the 2012 campaign.


In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Medved writes:

“True enough, Mr. Obama won the overall female vote by 11 points in 2012—55% to 44%—but that’s hardly remarkable for a Democratic presidential candidate. Al Gore fared the same in 2000, prevailing among women by an identical 11-point advantage. Mr. Obama did better with women in 2008, beating John McCain by 56% to 43%. He enjoyed that advantage even though his first campaign never emphasized “women’s issues” and despite the presence of a woman—Sarah Palin—on the Republican ticket … Regardless, the unassailable conclusion is that the campaign alleging a Republican ‘War on Women’ didn’t much work. It failed to win white women for the president and drew its results exclusively from women of color who would have supported him in any event. They didn’t need Sandra Fluke’s free birth-control demands or Mr. Romney’s clumsy “binders full of women” remark to push them into the Obama camp. Nervous Republicans should be reassured that even if their Democratic rivals double down on this nasty, silly strategy, it achieved little-to-nothing in 2012.”

To learn more about Michael Medved, read The Right Frequency.

Conrad Black: Limbaugh Has 30 Million Listeners Because News Media Failed its Watchdog Role

August 14, 2013

Media mogul and author Lord Conrad Black told CNN that Rush Limbaugh is so popular because the American news media hasn’t been doing its job.

Asserting that the main stream media has withdrawn as a government watchdog, Black said the public is turning somewhere.

“And the country is uneasy about that. I think that’s why Rush Limbaugh has 30 million listeners and the network newscasts have declined,” Black said.

The Right Frequency goes into detail how Limbaugh led a media revolution that challenged the longstanding ideological monopoly throughout most of the media. The book also explains how and why much of the media moved leftward in the late 1950s, early 1960s. Limbaugh emerged on the national stage in 1988 and created a successful commercial model not just for talk radio but for an alternative media.

Black went on to say, “I think that there is a very large number of Americans that felt instinctively that the national media and the political establishment had unjustly destroyed a distinguished administration, which Mr. Nixon had in his first term, and had scuttled the effort in Vietnam and had never ceased to congratulate themselves for doing it.”

Click here to order a copy of The Right Frequency.