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Boortz Considering Spot on Georgia Supreme Court

May 26, 2012

Supreme Court Justice Neal Boortz.

It could happen in Georgia, where the state’s Judicial Nominating Commission has nominated him for consideration by the governor. Boortz has been the dominant radio voice in Atlanta for decades and is an attorney. He became nationally syndicated in the late 1990s.

As The Right Frequency explains, Boortz did practice law for a time, among many other jobs he’s held. But actually made his mark in radio, being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

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Rush Limbaugh Bust in Missouri Capital Gets Security Cameras

May 26, 2012

Rush Limbaugh’s induction into the Hall of Famous Missourians — where he joined Harry Truman and Mark Twain — comes with some concerns. Because the number one talk show host in America gets under the skin of so many on the left, the small statue will be protected with security cameras, according to The Chicago Tribune.

This is not the only honor for Limbaugh. The Right Frequency, to be released in August, recounts how Limbaugh has won several Marconi Awards, was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and won the William F. Buckley Media Excellence Award.

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Mark Levin Rallies Support for Sen. Orrin Hatch in Utah GOP Primary

May 26, 2012

Mark Levin, who as best selling author of Liberty & Tyranny and more recently of Ameritopia, has become a leading intellectual voice for conservatism, promoted the candidacy of Sen. Orrin Hatch, facing tea party opposition in the Utah GOP Senate primary. In 2010, Sen. Bob Bennett was defeated for the GOP nomination by tea party insurgent Mike Lee. So this race is being closely watched.

Levin, this week on his radio show with 7 million listeners per week, told his audience that Hatch has been there for conservatives and brought up the Bork SCOTUS hearing and the Thomas SCOTUS hearing.  He conceded that much like former Sen. Rick Santorum and others, Hatch made several unattractive votes supporting the big government Republicanism of George W. Bush.   But Levin made clear, Hatch was no Richard Lugar, the longtime Republican incumbent who lost his seat in the Indiana GOP primary.

“Orrin Hatch was the most reliable conservative Republican senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee, among other committees that Ronald Reagan could ever rely on,” Levin said. “And we are going to throw him out of office and claim it’s a Tea Party act when you can see in the last three years how he’s been voting, how he’s been fighting for the balanced-budget amendment and other things that we conservatives believe in since, frankly George [W.] Bush left office?”

Levin has established a unique brand of blending professorial monologues to educate with a strong dose of entertaining humor to grow an audience.  As The Right Frequency, available in August, explains, Levin is no sounding board for establishment candidates. In 2010, his program played a big role in candidates such as Marco Rubio of Florida and Rand Paul of Kentucky winning the Republican Senate nomination over the favorite candidates of the Republican party leaders. So his endorsement of Hatch is significant.

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Rush Limbaugh Inducted in to Missouri’s Hall of Fame

May 20, 2012

Rush Limbaugh was inducted this past week into the Hall of Famous Missourians at the state Capitol. Limbaugh is a native of Cape Girardeau, Mo.

He addressed a crowd of more than 100 Republicans speaking from the House chamber dais. “I’m stunned. I’m not speechless, but close to it,” Limbaugh said. “I’m literally quite unable to comprehend what’s happening to me today.”

There is also a bust of Limbaugh in the Capitol.

Republican House Speaker Steven Tilley selected Rush for the Hall of Famous Missourians. The Hall of Famous Missourians includes President Harry Truman, Mark Twain and Walt Disney.

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Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck make Forbes ‘Powerful Celebrity’ List

May 20, 2012

Forbes magazine includes Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck in their “World’s Most Powerful Celebrities List” for 2012.

Limbaugh, the number one talk radio show host in America, is ranked at #19 on the list.  Beck, one of the biggest names in radio and who is dong well with his new Internet venture GBTV, ranked #23.

The list says Limbaugh is paid $69 million. Beck earns $80 million. Other factors besides income determine the rank such as “social rank,” “TV/radio rank,” “press rank” and “web rank.”

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Mike Gallagher: The Right Frequency ‘Destined to be a Classic’

May 20, 2012

Mike Gallagher, one of the nation’s top talk radio host with 3.75 million listeners nationally, gave a rousing endorsement to  The Right Frequency, after he received an advance copy.

“For people like me who live and breathe talk radio to folks with just a casual interest in our medium, The Right Frequency is an insightful, thorough, exciting chronicle of the talk radio story,” Gallagher said. “This is destined to be a classic, as it perfectly captures the nature of talk radio in a way no book I’ve ever read ever has.”

Gallagher, whose show is syndicated by the Salem Radio Network, began his radio career at the age of 17. He eventually reached the heights of WABC in New York before going into national syndication in 1998. He is the 7th most recognized talk radio personality in America according to The Benchmark Company. Gallagher is also a frequent contributor to Fox News.

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Hannity to be Keynote Speaker at New Media Seminar

May 20, 2012

Sean Hannity, the number two talk radio host in the nation, will be the keynote speaker at the New Media Seminar on June 7 in New York.

According to Talkers Magazine, which is sponsoring the event, “his address will cover such pressing industry issues as confusion over non-rated platforms, attempts to silence opposition speech, proliferation of multi-media talk venues and the imminent explosion of a wide variety of content.”

Talkers quotes Hannity saying,  “My speeches in the past have focused on the theme, ‘the best is yet to come,’ which I still fully believe – but we face a number of present-day obstacles that have popped up along the way that we as an industry must address and overcome.”

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