Talk Radio Pioneer Marks Another Mileston

This week, radio legend Barry Farber celebrated 30 years of his education group on The Language Club.

Barry Farber in 1977 New York Mayor's race (Credit: Library of Congress)

Barry Farber in 1977 New York Mayor’s race (Credit: Library of Congress)

Farber was interviewed for The Right Frequency and is featured in Chapter 4 “Game Changers.” He spoke about his knowledge of 26 language with great modesty:

Farber remains a longtime staple in the New York market and a national voice. He is widely reported to know 26 languages. But the North Carolina native who kept a slight southern accent even he reached big city radio, is quite modest about his knowledge of languages.

“When I entered the Army, I took tests in 14 languages and I qualified as an interpreter and that’s how I spent my time in the Army, translating,” Farber said in an interview for this book. “I am a student of as many as 26 languages. Some I know very, very well. Some I know only greetings, and some I can simultaneous translation in. But it would be wrong to give the impression that I’m fluent in 26 languages. I’ve done broadcast and speeches. I’ve done speeches in Hungarian, Norwegian, Spanish, and I participated in Spanish broadcast and in French, but not extensively.”

For more information about Barry Farber read The Right Frequency


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