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Glenn Beck Connecting History and Politics

June 22, 2013

At the “Audit the IRS” rally in Washington this past week, talk radio host Glenn Beck made historical parallels over the current government abuses and American history.

“[Frederick Douglas] knew God did not make men masters over others. Nor did he ever intend any man to impose unrighteous dominion over another man or beast. It is time we remind ourselves of this truth again,” Beck said. “Whatever the reason, too many are no longer willing to call evil by its name. We will no longer accept the lies, the corruption, or the information and data gathering. It is evil.”

The Right Frequency explains how Glenn Beck’s program, perhaps more than any other, delves into American history and draws paralells to today’s problems.

“Still, the program concentrated more than any other TV punditry show on American history, what the Founders might have said, and the lineage of the progressive movement of the early 20th Century to both the fascist and communist regimes that would emerge mid-century in Europe. He further drew this to the influences of the radical left in the United States such as the Students for a Democratic Society. And, lest there be any doubt, Woodrow Wilson was the worst president in American history, from Beck’s view,” The Right Frequency says. “On Fox, the historical trajectory was demonstrated on his chalkboard. Beck can be perplexing for conservatives, such as conservative intellectual and historian Stephen Heyward.

Heyward writes, “Yet Beck’s potential contribution to conservatism can be summed up with one name: R.J. Pestritto. Pestritto, a political scientist at Hillsdale College in Michigan who has appeared on Beck’s TV show several times, is among a handful of young conservative scholars engaged in seriousacademic work critiquing the intellectual pedigree of modern liberalism. Their writing is often dense and difficult, but Beck not only reads it; he assigns it to his staff. Beck may lack Buckley’s urbanity, and his show will never be confused with ‘Firing Line.’ But he’s onto something with his interest in serious analysis of liberalism’s patrimony. If more conservative talkers challenged liberalism’s bedrock assumptions as Beck does, liberals would have to defend their problematic premises more often.”

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‘Powered by the Widening Scandals’

May 26, 2013

One News Page reported on The Right Frequency’s rise to #1 in two separate Amazon categories.

“Standing alone at Number One above such classics as the audio of the award winning Les Miserables, it is at the very pinnacle in the Radio category where it also beats book by and about media celebrities Rush Limbaugh, Larry King and Wendy Williams,” One News Page reports.

“Powered by the widening scandals with Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Service, interest in public commentary has turned attention to The Right Frequency pushing it far beyond such books as former President Bill Clinton’s Back to Work to the Number One spot the Public Affairs category,” the website said.

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IRS Targeted Talk Radio Enemies

May 23, 2013

A politicized IRS is nothing new, as explained in this Wall Street Journal piece. The Journal article makes mention of President Franklin Roosevelt’s issues with Father Charles Coughlin, the radio priest.

“Roosevelt also dropped the IRS hammer on political rivals such as the populist firebrand Huey Long and radio agitator Father Coughlin, and prominent Republicans such as former Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon,” the Journal article says.

The Right Frequency, available on Amazon now for a special deal through Memorial Day, provides a detailed account of the love-hate relationship between FDR and Coughlin. Coughlin was a super political radio priest with 40 million listeners who idolized Roosevelt, even  spoke at the 1932 Democratic National Convention, before viciously turning on the president when he felt the New Deal didn’t go far enough.

The book also explains how the IRS hunted down another popular talk radio voice in the Rev. Billy James Hargis, a controversial conservative figure.

“The IRS alleged his tax-exempt church, which went from revenue of $63,000 in 1957 to about $1 million in the early 1960s, was involved in political activities. Christian Crusade lost its tax exempt status in 1964,” The Right Frequency said. “Hargis said he was being ‘persecuted’ and that ‘This action doesn’t affect our corporation, only the contributors to our cause. And even so, our average contribution is $4. Now what would tax-exempt status mean to these 250,000 people? They are not big-money.’”

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Tea Party Movement Pushed by Talk Radio

May 23, 2013

Americans have learned the Internal Revenue Service has targeted tea party groups and other conservative organizations. The Tea Party movement, that helped sweep many constitutional conservatives into office was heavily driven by talk radio, as described in this excerpt from The Right Frequency: The Story of the Talk Radio Giants Who Shook Up the Political and Media Establishment, available for a special deal on Amazon through Memorial Day. recently posted an excerpt from The Right Frequency on how talk radio helped boost the tea party movement.

“… During the Obama years, talk radio played a vital role in the formation of the Tea Party movement. They railed against a Democratic health care bill that eventually passed. They also were leading advocates for Republicans during the 2010 elections, which led to a new majority in the House. …”

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Talk Radio Scandal Coverage Past and Present

May 18, 2013

This week President Barack Obama’s administration was hit with three scandals — new revelations on Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservative groups and the seizure of the Associated Press phone records. recently ran an excerpt of The Right Frequency, available now for a special offer until Memorial Day, looking at how talk radio handled Clinton scandals in the 1990s.

President Bill Clinton, perhaps forgetting he had the most powerful platform in the world, became irate during one radio interview with KMOX in St. Louis in May 1994.

The piece is headlined, “Talk Radio and Another Scandalous Democratic President.

“I have determined that I’m going to be aggressive about it. After I get off the radio today with you, Rush Limbaugh will have three hours to say whatever he wants and I won’t have any opportunity to respond, and there is no truth detector. You won’t get on afterward and say what was true and what wasn’t,” Clinton said.

Clinton’s remark launched one of Rush’s enduring catchphrases. After the interview, Limbaugh said, “I am the truth detector.” Limbaugh has since referred to himself as “America’s Truth Detector,” among his many informal titles.

Clinton, and all the baggage he brought with him from Arkansas, was a true gift to talk radio. Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, Chinagate, Monicagate and various other matters would plague the Clinton presidency for eight years.”

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