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Monica Lewinsky and Talk Radio’s Road to Impeachment

May 11, 2014

The reemergence of Monica Lewinsky last week with the Vanity Fair essay, “Shame and Survival,” prompted plenty of chatter on talk radio, as it sounded like a throwback to the 1990s hearing Rush Limbaugh explain the entire scandal was not about sex but about perjury and corruption in the White House.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

“They’re discarded after being used. And if they dare speak up at the wrong time and the wrong place, they get destroyed not just discarded. There’s Hillary. Monica Lewinsky is making the point that it was Hillary blaming all the women that were involved, including her. Lewinsky, she says she considered suicide. So Hillary and Bill… I mean, War on Women?” Rush said.

The Right Frequency explains “radio’s road to impeachment” in Chapter 8, detailing how Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy and other talkers fanned the flames and built public pressure that ultimately led to the House impeaching President Bill Clinton.

For more information on how talk radio helped prompt the Clinton impeachment, read The Right Frequency.



Book on Talkers Political Legacy Hits an Amazon Bestseller List

February 21, 2013

Book Cover

It has been sandwiched between books on Paul Harvey. It has been ahead of a biography of Rush Limbaugh and a book by Larry King on the on Amazon’s Best Seller List for Radio History and Criticism.

The Right Frequency: The Story of the Talk Radio Giants who Shook up the Political and Media Establishment hit the list again this week, reaching the top 20 at one point.

The Right Frequency goes beyond a single radio personality, but spans a history of radio commentators from the days of H.V. Kaltenborn and Walter Winchell, into the era of Joe Pyne and Bob Grant to the modern day of Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Readers learn how voices on the air shaped public opinion on matters going back to the New Deal, McCarthyism, the Clinton impeachment, the war in Iraq and current partisan warfare in Washington.

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