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Talkers Magazine Reports on The Right Frequency’s Ascent to Dual #1 Ranking on Amazon

May 18, 2013

Talkers Magazine, the bible of the talk radio and news talk industry, reported on The Right Frequency hitting #1 on two Amazon Best Seller Lists.

For the week of May 14 through May 17, The Right Frequency was firmly in the #1 position in the Radio category. On Friday, it hit #1 in Public Affairs & Administration category.

Talkers magazine reports: “Fred Lucas’ book about talk radio, The Right Frequency (History Publishing 2012) is soaring high on two of Amazon’s Kindle best-seller lists. The book is #1 in the Public Affairs category as well as #1 on the digital texts chart [Radio]…”





The Right Frequency Hits #1 on Bestseller List

May 12, 2013

The Right Frequency: The Story of the Talk Radio Giants Who Shook Up the Political and Media Establishment is a Number 1 Amazon Bestseller for books on Radio

The book hit the top spot on the Amazon list on Sunday, May 12. All Amazon lists are updated hourly.

The Right Frequency is also ranked number 2 on the Amazon Bestseller list for books on Public Affairs & Administration.

The Right Frequency chronicles the roots of talk radio and how it transformed American politics and became the driving force of the conservative movement.

The book beats out books about Rush Limbaugh, Lucille Ball, Larry King, Paul Harvey and Coakie Roberts about National Public Radio that are also on the Amazon Radio History & Criticism list.

Below are some reviews for The Right Frequency.

“As history, this is an excellent book, well worth reading.” – Bookvue
“Lucas’s love and knowledge of talk radio is evident and will appeal to any fan of the medium.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Lucas’ book reads more like an objective study, scribed with footnotes leading to sources which demonstrate what he says is based in fact, not speculation or opinion. … This is an easy read with a wealth of amusing knowledge and history.” –

“This is the book that explains the history of talk radio (it goes back further than you think) and explains how it got to be the lifeline to so many millions of Americans. If you’re interested in the personalities, the history and the impact of talk radio, Fred Lucas has the story.” – The American Spectator

“Lucas delivers a book that is sure to please both conservatives and fans of talk radio. ‘The Right Frequency’ successfully captures the spirit of conservative talk radio and leaves the reader both well informed and entertained.” – Townhall

“This remarkable and compelling look at the history of talk radio shows the power of the marketplace and the dangers of the free-speech squelching ‘fairness doctrine.’ – The Blaze

“Author Fred Lucas chronicles conservative talk-radio stars over the decades, reminding us how they kept the American idea alive.” – L. Brent Bozell III; president, Media Research Center

‘This is destined to be a classic as it perfectly captures the nature of talk radio in a way no book I’ve ever read ever has.” – Mike Gallagher, nationally syndicated talk radio host

“”Anyone who loves talk radio will love this book.” – Mark Levin, nationally syndicated talk radio wrote bestselling author