50 Years Since Barry Goldwater’s Nomination I: The Role of a Talk Radio Host in Making it Happen

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Republican National Convention that nominated Barry Goldwater for president in San Francisco. Goldwater lost a crushing landslide in 1964, but his campaign of ideas helped shape the modern conservative movement.

Barry Goldwater (Senate.gov/artandhistory)

Barry Goldwater (Senate.gov/artandhistory)

The Right Frequency details how conservative talk radio host Clarence Manion helped make Goldwater a star years before he entered the presidential race.

From The Right Frequency:

In 1957, Senator Barry Goldwater got welcomed national exposure as a guest on the show. Clarnnce Manion talked Goldwater into writing a book that the he thought should be titled a “Conscience of a Conservative.” The book was ghost written by L. Brent Bozell II. But the publishing industry was not receptive, so Manion founded Victor Publishing Company, and the book launched Goldwater’s forward to the 1964 Republican presidential nomination and influenced the politics for generations.

“Clarence Manion was very important to the conservative movement. His weekly program was very well read and carried on many stations,” said Lee Edwards of the Heritage Foundation. “The transcripts of his broadcasts were then reproduced and distributed widely in the conservative movement. It was always regarded as a mark of your standing if you were a guest on the Manion Forum. He was a major player.”

To learn more about Manion and his influence on the conservative movement and Goldwater’s campaign, read The Right Frequency.


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