RedState Reviews The Right Frequency

The popular blog praised The Right Frequency as “an excellent book” that is “absolutely well worth buying.”

THE RIGHT FREQUENCY CoverWhile stating some critques, the review, Jake Howard, gave it a ranking of 4 out of 5.

As of Thursday, it remains the book is #1 Bestselling book on Amazon’s listing for Radio History.

From RedState:

Fred Lucas has written an excellent book. He has researched his topic thoroughly, and it shows when you look at the bibliography. He relies extensively on primary sources to build his narrative, so you are getting to hear what the major players actually said, not some third-party account written some time after the fact. There is much to learn in this book for everyone, and I feel comfortable saying that I feel much more educated on the subject now than I did before reading the book. While some might criticize it for not being a “scholarly” history in its general, Lucas is not writing to please a small Ivory Tower clique. He is writing for the general public, and he does this job well. He writes about a subject conservatives need to know about, and he does it in a very readable and accessible way. This is no mean feat for a work of history. …

In all, this is a book that belongs on the shelf of any conservative who wants to learn about the history of talk radio, and the lessons here can easily be applied to our own time and the future. Lucas takes a subject that has not been studied much before at this length, and he chronicles it in a way that almost anyone can follow. His writing style is exciting to read, and he maintains its consistently good quality throughout the book. Whatever my criticisms of this book are, they are dwarfed by my praise for it. It is a work that is absolutely worth buying, and it has not been a consistent top seller in books on radio on for nothing.

Click here to read The Right Frequency.

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