Salem Radio Network – Home of Bennett, Gallagher, Medved and Hewitt — is ‘100% Carbon Neutral’

The Salem Radio Network responded to the White House National Climate Assessment released last week by saying that its program was 100 percent carbon neutral, a way of mocking some of the hysteria promoted in the Obama administration that predicted massive floods, massive droughts, disease and other problems around the corner if drastic action is not taken.


From The Washington Times:

Tom Tradup, the station’s vice president of news and talk programming, said listening to carbon-neutral radio programming “may be the most important step Americans can take if they believe in the White House’s dire predictions.”

“We have determined, through an independent source, that SRN programming (including our talk shows and 24/7 newscasts) is, in fact, 100% carbon neutral and will not increase the carbon footprint of either radio stations carrying our programming or listeners who enjoy it,” Mr. Tradup said. “Essentially, listening to SRN creates a neutral or zero impact on the environment , in total compliance with White House guidelines.”

Salem has a stable of top talk radio talent Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt.

To learn more about these radio personalities and others, read The Right Frequency.

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One Comment on “Salem Radio Network – Home of Bennett, Gallagher, Medved and Hewitt — is ‘100% Carbon Neutral’”

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