Rush Limbaugh vs. Thomas Picketty

Rush Limbaugh slammed the new book “Capital” by Thomas Piketty.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

From TheBlaze:

In the book, Piketty argues that pervasive inequality is the natural end of capitalism, with the wealthy growing wealthier as the rate of return on their assets outpaces overall economic growth. With the rich getting richer to the detriment of everyone else, Piketty proposes (i) taxing incomes on the highest earners at 80% rate, and (ii) levying an annual progressive global wealth tax

Limbaugh says:

“Some French socialist, Marxist, communist economist has published a book, and the left in this country is having orgasms over it…It’s the most outrageous set of assumptions that I have ever read. In fact, it’s nothing new. It’s just repackaged, but I’m telling you the people on the left can barely contain themselves with their giddiness over this, and it portends grave danger for this country if any of this guy’s suggestions were to ever become adopted.”

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Read more examples of Limbaugh taking on progressive orthodoxy in Chapter 7 of The Right Frequency.




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