Medved Yawns at ‘War on Women’ Relaunch

Talk radio host Michael Medved, profiled in Chapter 8 of The Right Frequency gave a big shrug to President Barack Obama’s attempt to invoke the “War on Women” rhetoric into the 2014 campaign because contrary to public opinion, Medved explains it wasn’t effective in the 2012 campaign.


In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Medved writes:

“True enough, Mr. Obama won the overall female vote by 11 points in 2012—55% to 44%—but that’s hardly remarkable for a Democratic presidential candidate. Al Gore fared the same in 2000, prevailing among women by an identical 11-point advantage. Mr. Obama did better with women in 2008, beating John McCain by 56% to 43%. He enjoyed that advantage even though his first campaign never emphasized “women’s issues” and despite the presence of a woman—Sarah Palin—on the Republican ticket … Regardless, the unassailable conclusion is that the campaign alleging a Republican ‘War on Women’ didn’t much work. It failed to win white women for the president and drew its results exclusively from women of color who would have supported him in any event. They didn’t need Sandra Fluke’s free birth-control demands or Mr. Romney’s clumsy “binders full of women” remark to push them into the Obama camp. Nervous Republicans should be reassured that even if their Democratic rivals double down on this nasty, silly strategy, it achieved little-to-nothing in 2012.”

To learn more about Michael Medved, read The Right Frequency.

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