Poll: Radio News Reporting Increases 8.8 Percent

The RTDNA/Hofstra University poll of ratio stations was released last wee that showed a slight up tick in the number of radio stations reporting local news, Talkers magazine reported.

This is considered a near record. (Click here for poll results.)

The article quotes Hofstra professor emeritus Bob Papper saying, “As I do each year, I would urge caution on those numbers.  The numbers are based on stations that return the survey, and since it’s a news survey, stations that run news could well be more likely to return the surveys than stations that do not.  It’s possible those percentages are too high.”

The overall percentage is up a surprising 8.8% from last year, with AM stations up 9.8 points and FM stations up 4 points, according to the survey, as 77.7% of radio stations run local news — 78.8% of AM stations and 77.2% of FM stations. ”

The A.M. dial become more of a domain for the news talk format, as reported in The Right Frequency, at about the time of the rise of Rush Limbaugh when he saved A.M. from extinction during the early 1990s. Today, with consumers increasingly turning to devices such as iPods for music, the FM dial is moving to the news talk format.

“The percentage of stations reporting an increase in news fell from 30.1% last year to 22% this time around.  The percentage reporting a drop edged up from 4.9% to 6.7%,” Papper said. “Non-commercial stations were a little more likely to increase the amount of news; so were stations in the biggest markets.”

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