Key to Radio Station Survival in New Media Landscape

Talkers magazine featured a recent and important piece on the future of radio stations in a changing media environment.

“Countless executives at high-billing, strong ratings performing outlets have been unduly placed in the gut-wrenching position of laying off personnel and making other vital cutbacks – forced to share the load of paying for what could be considered out-of-control acquisition sins at the corporate level,” the Talkers article said.  “Capitalism has functioned exceptionally well for years, so to be clear, this is not a condemnation of mammoth radio groups, nor a suggestion that they are run by evil, incompetents.

“There can however be hiccups such as the painful one we are witnessing with revenue survival,” the article continues. “Those who did not overly-consolidate or did not allow themselves to be enthralled with the ‘biggest is best’ notion seem to be in a better position to thrive.”

The article continues, “Syndicated programming is one specific area where it is highly challenging for an operator like Americom to knock heads against a massive group such as Cumulus. “Citadel – now Cumulus – has had Rush Limbaugh in Reno [on #1-ranked, talk KKOH],” Quinn points out. “Someone in my position has a very difficult time talking to Premiere in hopes of having them give Limbaugh’s show to me. Cumulus can do group deals and we cannot. In situations such as that, small companies are at a disadvantage [but] in local radio, whether talk or music, we can be fully competitive.”

Click here to read the full talkers article.

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