Rush Limbaugh, Wendy Williams and The Right Frequency Share Bestseller List

The Right Frequency hit the Amazon bestseller list for the Radio History & Criticism category during the first week in February. History Publishing Company issued the following release.

Almost daily it flirts with Rush Limbaugh and Wendy Williams on Amazon’s Best Seller List for Radio History and Criticism. One day it is wedged between the two, another day it slips back a notch or two only to scramble back to Rush’s rear guard..

It is Fred Lucas’s The Right Frequency; The Story of the Talk Radio Giants who Shook up the Political and Media Establishment. While Zev Chafetz’ best seller on Rush Limbaugh focuses solely on Rush and Wendy focuses on her experience, Fred Lucas delves into the whole world of talk radio and opens up on Glen Beck, Mark Levin, Bob Grant, and all the others and yes, that includes Rush too.

This is a compendium of all that makes up talk radio. Not an apologia but rather an objective look at that which has become a medium for those who had been previously disenfranchised, the “grass rooters” who had been overlooked or disregarded by a media that saw things with a different perspective. Political talk radio was founded as a marketing tool to penetrate that untapped market. And now as a tapped market, that tool generates massive advertising revenue.

“This book was written to bring into focus that segment of the political life that has been largely misunderstood,” says author Fred Lucas, “ Talk radio is a factor that has impacted local and national politics, a factor that has come to be understood and appreciated by those who learned how to use it. Interestingly enough those who benefit most from the book are those who view it as a political force and should know how the opposition works,”

The Right Frequency will tell them how and they will find it on the Amazon Best Seller List for Radio History and Criticism, somewhere near Rush Linbaugh and Wendy Williams.
Fred Lucas is a White House correspondent for He is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism and is a resident of Fredericksburg, Virginia..

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