Talk Radio and Presidential Elections – The Right Frequency Illustrates Influence

Talk radio was paramount in building the conservative movement’s role in presidential elections. This can be found with Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican presidential nominee and one of the intellectual leaders of the conservative movement. Political minds are wondering if it can help push Romney into the White House. for Romney.

The Right Frequency by Fred V. Lucas chronicles talk radio’s impact on presidential elections and politics from the days of Walter Winchell to modern day hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. The book is published by History Publishing Company.

It was talk radio show host Dean Clarence Manion who talked Goldwater into writing a book called “Conscience of a Conservative.” When the publishing industry was not receptive, Manion founded Victor Publishing for the express purpose of publishing Goldwater’s book, which became his launching pad to building a vast following to capture the Republican presidential nomination in 1964.

The book profiles the impact of radio other major radio giants such as Bob Grant, James Dobson and Neal Boortz.

Leading talk radio show host Mark Levin, a leader in the conservative movement, says the book captures the importance of talk radio in modern politics.

“Fred Lucas not only delineates the roots of talk radio as a venue for communicating conservative political thought in the 1930s and 40s, he explains how it has become, in the 21st century, the life force for the conservative movement and the voice for conservative ideals on the current political landscape,” Levin said. “Anyone who loves talk radio will love this book.”

For a copy of The Right Frequency, click  .

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