White House Correspondent Examines Talk Radio’s Impact on Presidential Campaigns in The Right Frequency

Talk radio, a force that is never seen but heard in every corner of the nation, may be one that the Obama campaign will have difficulty countering. That one factor, has the potential to be an invisible force like the winds of an offshore hurricane. When it hits land, it levels everything in its way. President Obama may be standing on the shoreline today, his finger to the wind, his instinct pushing him to the security behind him. If the offshore power increases, however, the President may have a bad day. If the winds lose their power as they approach land he may be smiling when day is done.

Fred V. Lucas is making the rounds of talk radio to discuss his forthcoming book. The Right Frequency: The Story of the Talk Radio Giants Who Shook Up the Political and Media Establishment and the impact talk radio may have on the upcoming election. When he visits with Barry Farber on August 8th, the upcoming election will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion.

There is no doubt that talk radio has had an effect on elections” says Lucas “If history is a guide, talk radio can play a huge role in national and state elections. ” Bob Grant had a huge effect on the governors races in both New York and New Jersey during the 1990s and talk radio was the driving force behind the California recall race in 2003. Perhaps the most pronounced effect was the new Republican majority that won control of Congress after the 1994 elections being called the “Limbaugh Congress.” That was for the impact Rush Limbaugh’s show had on the campaign. Rush was even named an honorary member of the freshman class of congressmen that year. Certainly in 2010, talk radio helped fuel the Tea Party movement to sweep the Republicans to victory in the House.”

But Lucas who is also a White House correspondent for CNSNews is not sure about the effect talk radio has on presidential elections. “The medium’s sway on presidential races is hard to determine,” he says. “The drumbeat of conservative radio hosts didn’t stop the elections of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. This year could be different. Conservative voters are unhappy with President Obama, but are not enthusiastic about Republican nominee Mitt Romney.”

Lucas is quick to add. “That might put extra pressure on leading conservative talk hosts to rally the troops about the importance of this year’s race. Most of the leading talk radio giants like Limbaugh and Mark Levin had reservations about Romney in the primary season. But Romney will need their support in the general election. Will he get it? The answer may well determine who shows up for the inauguration.”

That answer may be pre-determined in The Right Frequency. Lucas delves into the depth, reach and power of the talk radio giants in the American political landscape and provides some insight into the personalities of those larger than life figures among us.

Click here to order a copy of The Right Frequency.

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