Father Coughlin’s Hateful Rhetoric Explored in Jerusalem Post

Father Charles E. Coughlin, a priest with a huge radio audience in the 1930s that used to refer the New Deal as “Christ’s Deal,” became a virulent opponent of President Franklin D. Roosevelt when he felt the economic reforms did not go far enough. Coughlin was most known for engaging in hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric on the air, ultimately ruining his own broadcast career.

A recent piece in the Jerusalem Post talked about how the Vatican and American Catholics viewed the problematic Coughlin.

“There were more than a few anti-Semites among the Catholics,” the Post piece said. “Most prominent was Father Charles E. Coughlin, and an Irish-American member of the Vatican Secretariat who–according to a chapter in this volume–did what he could to mask the anti-Semitic nature of Coughlin’s radio messages while transmitting to the Pope and his advisors messages from the White House and American Bishops who wanted the Vatican to act against the Detroit priest on account of his anti-Semitism as well as his opposition to the New Deal and the President’s foreign policy.”

You can learn more about Father Coughlin and other early radio voices in Chapter 2 of The Right Frequency, to be released in August. The book is available now for pre-order, signed by the author, at a 30% discount.

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