Anderson Cooper vs. Rush Limbaugh Most Beneficial to Low Rated CNN

The nation’s number one talk radio host and CNN’s main prime time personality engaged in a feud this week.

Commenting on CNN’s horrific numbers in April, Rush Limbaugh said that it might have something to do with Anderson Cooper who “is reported more in gossip columns to be at the gym, or that bar or restaurant, than he is in the studio.”

On Cooper’s prime time show, the host devoted much time to defending himself, and griped, “You might try the gym from time to time.”

The feud is clearly good for Cooper, drawing about 300,000 viewers compared to Limbaugh’s 20 million listeners per week.

Picking a fight with Rush or responding to criticism has been a great way to leap into the spotlight. Sandra Fluke is by no means the first example of this.

Learn more about Rush’s various rivalries in Chapter 7 of The Right Frequency, available in bookstores in August. Better yet, you can pre-order a copy signed by the author now at a 30 percent discount.

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